Our Cafeteria

On the main street Świętojańska 65 of Gdynia, Poland lies our Cafeteria „Mąka i Kawa” (trans. „Flour and Coffee”).We invite You to test our original brand „Rizzi Caffe” that can be also bought in 0,5 kg and 1 kg packs. We also serve traditional italian pizza and panini.

Flour – Original italian recipes descending from the Calabria region. Practiced and served for years by our Pizzaiolo Gregorio Lizak. For our cuisine we import original Italian products and complement that with high quality local stock.

Coffee – Our love for coffee, long-standing tradition, adequate roasting and bean selection from throughout the world. That defines our original brand „Rizzi Caffe”. In our roasting plant we take care that our coffee has rich aroma and essential taste.